Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

The Ormsmouth Look

Session 14

January 25, 2018

Travelling into the forest with the savage elves, the group was upon by different tribe of Savage Elves. The new tribe, which has a slight greenish cash to their skin and dress in a similar, but slightly different, fashion as the PC’s guides, claimed that the party’s companions are “evil” elves. A melee ensued, and the competing tribe slew the original elves. The victors offered to accompany the group to the Ruined Abbey to no avail.

Reaching the Wasp Wall which encircles the abbey, the Rustlers walked the circumference and discovered the “secret entrance”: a fissure in the southwest portion of the wall. Gathering back at their eastern arrival point, the group observed a squad of eight large, green, hairy, humanoid soldiers patrolling the wall. The PCs attacked the squad with bows, and eventually defeated them.

Entering the abbey complex via the fissure, the group came upon the outbuildings. The injured Glof, inspecting sulphurous-smelling mushrooms, was slain by a leaping vroat!

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