Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

So I Strip the Body

Session 6

November 9, 2017

Play began on the hillock campsite behind the standing stone where the Rustlers captured Belissa. Nothing happened overnight, and in the morning, Yushli, Lacross, and Lorem skirted the frog village to retrieve Lorem’s boat. In the swamp east of the village, Yushli was slain by a vroat. Lacross kissed his dead, mangled lips. Lacross and Lorem commended his body to the swamp, then the two retrieved the small Ormish fishing vessel.

In the morning the group took two trips on the boat toreach the island, where they found booted footprints (both small and large) crisscrossing various paths. They approached the central purple willow.

A small group of goblin and human slaves of Belissa attempted to sneak up on the group, but failed miserably due to their weakened, malnourished condition.

The magical tree door remains locked.

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