Infernal Yarns Session Summaries

Session 5, “She’s Gone Rogue”

Gathering their wits after landing on the southern landing of a huge cavern, the group debated their next steps. Meanwhile, Thomasyn left the group to investigate a nearby small waterfall. It fell about 15’ into still pool. Several shiny objects at the bottom caught her attention!

Coming to an agreement, the group investigated the pool. Sassy T stayed in the main chamber, bow at the ready. She obsered a lambent, red glow in the distance lighting and dimming once every (roughly) 666 seconds.

Down by the pool, through various actions the group discovered several coins and a partially-buried wooden chest bound in corroded metal. Extracting the chest from the silt required defeating a giant (well, 6’) electric eel. It was skewered, roasted, and blugeoned to death and only got to use its electricity once. So sad.

The chest contained several more gold and platinum coins of the Realm as well as two (as yet unidentified) pear-shaped leather potion bottles. Removing the deep, purple velvet (not velour) lining revealed a bone scroll case inscribed with Infernal script claiming, in great detail, that the scroll and case were manufactured by the Ack-mee Scroll Company, conveniently located on the plane of Avernus.

Having slain the eel, the party proceeded north toward the red light. They discovered, planted on the rock shore of the Underdark river, a 3’ scarlet crystal housed in a rusty, domed cage. Brahms made quick work of the cage, and proceeded to flake large chunks of crystal off the main piece. The crystal began pulsing blood-red radiance and emitting a regular, recurring ‘ping’ sound — clearly an alarm.

The group heard a gruff, petulant voice coming across the water to the northeast, urging them to “go away”. Not one to take orders, Nepunith commanded the creature to approach, which it did, grudgingly, being under the influence of her warlocky magics.

After a fair amount of witty comic banter, a web spell, red crystal shards being skipped like stones, and a few more miscellaneous displays of the arcane arts, Sassy T persuaded (her ability to appear dragonborn in a cat suit was a factor) “Doctor Lavee” (doctor of acids and corrosives, thank you very much) to stand down.

The party learned that Lavee is a representative of “The Sindicate”, a consortium of devils who operate out of this area. The whole dungeon level, in fact, is populated with guardians and traps, in hopes of keeping out the riff-raff. The Sindicate spread rumors in the city that this area was a demon temple, hoping to scare people away. Clearly this tactic failed.

The good doctor went back to his office to fetch contracts that release him from any responsibility to his employer should the signing party destroy Sindicate property. As long as Sassy T keeps him on the hook, he’s likely to stay with the party.

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