Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

Session 40, “Spectral Pig Splitter”

Play began in the Rustlers’ camp, where the adventurers planned their next move, distributed healing items, and worked on miscellaneous projects such as making a cat saddle, converting mail to xvart size, and the like.

Descending into the caves, the group set out for Black Frost Road by travelling for approximately 6 miles in a wide, arched tunnel. Then, they found a yellow chalk blaze on the floor near the wall.

Umber Stroon cast detect magic and discovered a glittering, blue line on the tunnel floor about 60’ away which stretched from wall to wall. The group approached the line and stopped about 15’ away. Ned threw a piece of candy across the line. After a brief pause, deep bell tones rolled through the tunnel.

After a few minutes, an invisible foe, noticed only because Stroon’s detect spell was in effect and allowed him to see a floating, magical axe, approached the party. After additional detect spells and Xiach-Li’s faerie fire, the group slew 5 dwarflike humanoids. One of them was able to flee the scene.

The dark dwarves, so-named for their dull, grey skin and pale, stringy beards, carried with them a few coins make from a matte, steely metal, as well as round medallions worn on chains around their necks. The medallions were comprised of the same metal as the coins, and were engraved with a geometric pattern of lines and dots which never comfortably let the eye rest in any one place.

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