Infernal Yarns Session Summaries

Session 4, “Frosted and Shafted”

Our little band of adventurers grows with the addition of Brahms, a half-orc with a troubled past, and Tomasyn, a half-drow with a troubled past. Trouble seems to follow adventurers around, doesn’t it?

Two hobgoblins, members of the Legion of the Severed Head who have taken over the local watering hole, Swishy’s barged into Infernal Yarns, demanding to “buy” Sassy’s T’s, um, services. Sassy ignored them, and Nepunith offered them hot cocoa. The confused the legionnaires, who were then easily slain in their befuddled state. If they had lived to tell the tail, perhaps they would have learned a lesson. 

Aunt Saggy, owner of Hags to Riches, a thrift store of more than dubious quality, strode out into the street, taking a shine to newcomer Tomasyn. After turning the corpses invisible, she invited the group into her shop for a little chat. 

One thing led to another, and Tomasyn and Aunt Saggy entered into some kind of blood bond. Nothing bad can ever come of sharing blood with strangers, right? Aunt Saggy, in exchange for a few magic items and the promise of more upon the group’s successful return, hired the PCs to investigate the demon temple underneath the sinkhole. 

After some logistic issues with entering the sinkhole, in which Tomasyn was nearly slain by bloodsucking stirges, the group managed to land on the southern edge of a water-filled cavern. Onward!

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