Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

Session 39, “Through the Eyes of the Eagle”


An 8’ tall moss-colored humanoid with long, spindly limbs and a bulging stomach delivered a letter written on flesh-colored vellum to Erfu.

“To The ‘Ned Rustlers’:

Thank you so much for returning to the abbey, We really do appreciate it. Rest assured, your Realm soldier friends died most horribly, yet still shamble about while serving in Our army. Feel free to approach by the most direct route, as Our forces will surely annihilate your pitiful little band.

Affectionately yours,

Bloody Thabjis


4th Avernus Medium Infantry

PS Great Angalakon the Black’s wyrmish progeny look forward to making your acquiantaince.”

The Rustlers, along with Lord Arvale and his two men-at-arms, Thom and Bjob, entered the caverns. There, they found many hijinks.

They burned away an oil slick, and slew the fungi, both brown and violet. Liss contracted rot. Arvale and his men escorted her back to the surface. The group discovered significant loot in the mushroom patch: 50 PP, 900 GP, a green jade teardrop pendant (110 GP), white jade star pendant (100 GP), hematite “crystal” (35 GP).

In the course of their exploration of the cavern, the group discovered both right arms of the colossal xvart statue.

When Xiach-Li attached the fourth arm, the statue sprung to life. During a furious battle, Ned, Xiach-Li, Umber Stroon, and Erfu were transformed into xvarts! The glass dais upon which the statue stood contained additional loot: 100 PP, 1000 GP, 4 blue star sapphires (500 GP each), a blue crystal wand, and a plain steel mace.

The xvart characters saw four portals in the room:

  • South: a jungle landscape
  • North: wild winds rip across an endless sky, and a glittering platinum palace hangs in the distance
  • West: a flat, black plane which flickers with vibrant blue-white energy
  • East: orange-red and emanates heat

Total XP: 5645 (treasure) + 1340 (foes) = 6985

998 XP per player character

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