Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

Session 38, “We’re All Doomed, Anyway”

Play began in the caverns underneath the sinkole in front of a stout, wooden door. The door was locked with a panel made of purple crystal. There was a keyhole in the panel. Ned tried the blue key in the lock. The key turned, but the door didn’t open.

Suddenly, the temperature in the room abruptly dropped to just above freezing. Halfron heard a voice, both near and remote, creak into his ear: “Kill the paladin, kill the paladin, kill the paladin . . .” He resisted a magical compulsion to slay the god Haldar’s champion of right and good. LaCrosse heard the voice, too, and after a mighty struggle resisted the voice’s urgings.

The adventurers looked for the source of the voice, and saw a ghostly xvart hidden in a crevice in the cavern wall. It hovered some 6” above the ground and seemed to glide along the stone floor. Upon being discovered, the apparition hastily floated away into the darkness to the south.

The group continued to explore the complex, and discovered a 40’ wide chamber to the south. The chamber’s floor gently sloped downward to the southeast. A wide tunnel continued out of the room. Xiach-Li saw an arrow blazened in yellow chalk on the floor. The arrow pointed to the southeast. Written in Realmish on the floor were the words, “BLACKFROST ROAD”.

LaCrosse recalled from Rangers Anonymous meetings that the Blackfrost Road is part of a network of subterranean highways which connect the Four Provinces as well and other, stanger places.

Exploring additional caverns, the Rustlers found a chamber containing smashed, xvart-sized furniture covered in 2” tall purple mushrooms. On the eastern wall, there was a wooden door with a blue, crystal lock. Halfron fit Ned’s key fit in the lock, and cautiously turned it. “Stickythumb” opened the door, and a miasmal wave of rot, decay, and death rolled over the group. Ned immediately doubled over and profusely vomited maple candy.

The room contained 10 xvart zombies (“vxombies”). Liss brandished her silver badger holy symbol and put the fear of her subterranean deity into 4 of them. The turned xvombies shambled to a farther chamber from which a blue glow emanated.

During the battle, two xvombies knocked LaCrosse from her feet. Loosed from her hand, Dawnbreaker skittered across the floor. Erfu picked it up, and celestial white light blazed forth from the weapon, which suddenly sang like the bells of Mount Sky!

Later, when Xiach-Li battled the ghost, Erfu threw Dawnbreaker to him. Miraculously, the druid caught the weapon and pierced the ghost with it! The ghost shrieked like whistling wind and retreated to the south. Everyone cheered.

Upon slaying the turned xvombies, the Rustlers found a glowing blue stone arm, which faded after Xiach-Li picked it up. The group now had two blue stone arms, both left. The adventurers also found a purple crystal key.

The group returned to the door with the purple crystal lock. Ned fit the purple key in the lock, and the door opened. The chamber beyond, roughly worked and 30’ in diameter, contained an 8’ tall xvart statue on a clear, crystal dais. It was once four-armed, but the arms were missing. Xiach-Li attached the two left arms to the statue, and they magically joined.

He cast detect magic, and spied the outline of 4 magical archways, equally spaced around the perimeter of the chamber. Seeing an opportunity to regroup, the Rustlers returned to the surface world to rest.

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