Infernal Yarns Session Summaries

Session 2, “Hey Sexay”

Play began on the Street of Tailers, as the groups followed the “whiteys” to the local watering hole, Swishy’s. Following the whiteys into the bar, the group observed them enter a magical fireplace and disappear. Seducing Itaxu, the lizardman bartender, was easy work for the tieflings, who entered the magical fireplace gateway. Rake stealthily followed.

Gaining entrance to the private rooms with the password “Avernus”, the group gained access to a long, scarlet-lit hallway containing dozens of doors with vending machine style coin slots. After tempting Itaxu with promises of future delights, the group was left alone. Between checking the sign-in sheet and Rake’s clever wolflike tracking sense, they determined that the whiteys had gone to Room 23. A series of clever moves followed, which eventually revealed another halfling comedian occupying the room.

To cut to the chase, the group managed to cause the halfling to vanish, allowing them to pilfer his room. They intimidated the whiteys into giving up their bubble gum and a lucky dead mouse. Most importantly, they acquired the Homunculus Box, a device which allows the user to create and control a homunculus for a short time.

Returning to Infernal Yarns, the group collectively experiences unsettling dreams of dark mists, shifting shadows, and an enigmatic message delivered in the comedian’s gruff voice.

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