Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

Saint Hamish, I Love You!

Session 17

February 22, 2018

The group continued exploring the Ruined Abbey, and learned that the shrine of Saint Hamish can provide healing magic. Two lightning lizards who approached the party and showed their willingness to tag along with the party and eat anything dead and tasty that happened to come their way.

Umber Stroon found a bone scroll case under a loose rock in the shrine room. Opening the scroll released the Rosy Mist of Reason into the room, and the lizards got interested in snacking on slow-moving humans. After a frightful battle, the lightning lizards were slain.

Stroon found a scroll of Speak With Dead inside of the trapped scroll case. The author of the scroll requests the reader to retrieve his mother’s bones from his wife Aveline’s grave. Furthermore, the author stated that Aveline should “rot forever in the deepest of Hells.”

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