Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

Plus Pinkus

Session 35

Play began in Sir Spode’s drawing room in Castle Ulspar, furnished with overstuffed leather chairs, trophy heads on the walls (including a medusa replica), and bay windows looking out on the Field of Crimson Victory.

Many events occurred in this session:

  • Umber Stroon hired Tieran Grey, erudite sage and alchemist.
  • In the Crimson Victory, a tavern near the field of the same name, Halfron met Pinkus, a halfling ne’er-do-well.
  • Erfu attended the shrine of Haldar in Castle Ulspar, where the ranking warrior-priest gave him a stirring pep talk. Erfu could not smash the gold “zombie coin”, so he abandoned it on the side of the road. Pinkus later picked it up.
  • While gathering river pebbles, Liss encountered a strange aquatic humanoid who was looking for girls and called himself “Timmy”.
  • Xyach-Li wrestled several men-at-arms on the training field, and won the support of the young Lord Arvale and his men.
  • Ned and LaCrosse loaded up on candy from a store on the Floating Bridge.
  • The party set out toward the Ruined Abbey and encountered the Black Line Bandits (so named for the vertical black line on the bridge of their noses), who inhabited in a shoddily rebuilt guard tower. The bandits gave the group no trouble.
  • The group and their retinue gathered on the Field of Crimson Victory.
  • Upon reaching the village of Orm, a group of Goldcloaks (militant zealots who follow the Lord of Light) aggressively asked the group the avoid the village.
  • After travelling north on the Broken Road until sundown, the group set up camp.

The retinue consists of the following:
12 men-at-arms, sponsored by Sir Spode
5 men-at-arms, led by child aristocrat Lord Arvale
Tieran Grey, sage and alchemist, in the employ of Umber Stroon
Dunstan, a bard, along for the ride and adventure
1 armorer, sponsored by Sir Spode
1 bowyer-fletcher, sponsored by Sir Spode
1 leatherworker (and bullwhip expert), sponsored by Sir Spode
1 cook, sponsored by Sir Spode

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