Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

Orm Village

Session 2

May 12 2017

While spending the night in the ruined guard tower, the party saw numerous puple and blue, luminous “spiders” flitting from tree to tree. Investigating, they found that the spiders had lashed an elf maiden named Lorem to a tall oak tree. After the group slew one spider, the arachnids bagan a high keening, which summoned a much larger spider. The large spider was nearly slain by crossbow quarrels, and the spiders retreated en masse, but not before the halfling was poisoned. The PCs freed Lorem from the tree and invited her to stay in the tower with them.

The group arrived in Orm, where the Glof and Rovanjal paid their respects at the temple of the Lord of Light. The abbot, Jarin, a middle-aged man wearing a black cassock, offered the poisoned halfling a neutralize poison potion.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group descended on the aptly-named Lake View Tavern, run my Mama Windmere and her two daughters. They told the group about the sword Daybreaker, the Sword of the Dawn, which lies at the bottom of a lagoon of Lake Ayshiss about five miles to the southwest. The group also learns of the “frog people” who inhabit the lagoon, the Teráthu.

The group decides to retrieve the Sword of the Dawn, and they spend the night at the tavern, courtesy of Mama Windmere.

Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

The Ned Rustlers

Session 1

May 10 2017

Play began in the office of one Jeantreaux of Beck, Sword Master of the town of Ulspar. He hired the group to bring back goblin heads from the Ruined Abbey, some twenty miles away Orm Village on the north side of Lake Aishyss. The greenskins have been poaching livestock from Ormish farmers. Jeantreax, a gaunt, white-haired man with a pegleg, offered to pay twenty Sovereigns (a gold coin) per Greenskin head and ten Sovereigns for a leader’s head.  He sent along his nephew Ned, an awkward, acne-riddled teenage boy. Ned brings his faithful nag, Betty, and a flat wagon.

The group traveled north along a disused wagon track for several hours and came upon a stone guard tower, occupied by seven Red-Eye Bandits. The bandits are quickly overcome and Glof, cleric of the Lord of Light, offered them 10 Sovereigns to become the group’s henchmen. “But”, one of the bandits added, “definitely not minions.”