Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

Ned the Mighty! Ned the Mighty!

Session 9

December 7, 2017

As the group left Orm northward to the Ruined Abbey, three unpleasant villages in the disheveled huts on the edge of the town offered to join the group. The villagers did not hide the fact they follow the One Who Serves. Rovanjal suspected trouble,and rejected their offer.

After a day’s travel, the adventureres reached the gatehouse on the Broken Road. After a bit of sneaking, the group was nearly defeated by Red-Eye Bandits. Only bandits’ desire to take the Rusters alive prevented three deaths. The bandits poured a foul healing draught down Duma, Rovanjal, and Glof’s throats, saving their lives. Ned rallied and slew two bandits with a dagger, and turned the tide of battle.

Holed up in the the west tower, the group was aware of a secret door.

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