Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

Kill the Abbot

Session 8

November 30, 2017

Chu-Mi slew Big Brother, a swamp ogre, with a single, sharp strike to the groin! “Mildly epic,” reported Chu-Mi.

The Rustlers chatted with Tlaloc and Consta, who told them that the Abbey has been overrun by Infernal energy. Tlaloc let slip that he was somehow responsible for allowing the Infernals access to the Realm.

The adventurers returned to Orm, where four mounted men-at-arms in blue and white Realm livery share they were passing through the village on their way to join the army rallying near the southwestern city of Diz.

Kawti and Chu-Mi visited the church of the Lord of Light. Chu-Mi discracted Brother Maynard while Kawti attempted to find the “goggles of some repute” of which he had heard tales.

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