Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

It’s Never a Magic Mace

Session 37

Play began with the group exploring the stairway down. Halfron disarmed a tripwire, and the group discovered that the stairway led to a dead end. Returning to the xvart cavern, the group descended into large room via a rope ladder.

There, they discovered a robed old man, bound and gagged. He claimed to have been captured on the surface world by the blue-skinned beings and dragged into the Underdark for who-knows-what. LaCrosse was skeptical about the man’s story, and the situation quickly escalated into conflict.

During the battle, the man dropped his disguise, and revealed himself to be a horned and hooved monster! After a comical fight, the party emerged victorious, and gathered several significant items from the body, including a black mithril shortsword.

XP earned: 100 per character.

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