Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

Invisible Pantomime Horse

Session 18

March 1, 2018

Umber Stroon negotiated with the captain of the Greenskins, who offered to cooperate, claiming that they were both after the Abbot’s Apple, a fabulous black emerald said to the in the dungeons of the Ruined Abbey. Eventually the Greenskins went their own way, down the hole created by the shaman upon summoning the undead giant. The goupd threw flaming bovine juice down the hole on the Greenskins’ heads.

The adventureres forged on into the chamber containing King Grav’s (an ancient Realm monarch) effigy. Finding a hidden stairway within, they descended into snow-covered, hilly landscape. There, they met Nyelmu the Undying, who rode a bone-write scorpion as big a a moose. Nyelmu explained to them that he was imprisoned by the Gods. The group attempted to release the golden key which ends his imprisonment, but were unable to reach through the magic force which protected it.

Unable to help Nyelmu, the group returned to the effigy chamber, where they discovered the stairs leading down to level two of the abbey.

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