Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

Improvised Rabbit Leotard

Session 11

December 21, 2017

The Rustlers camped on a hill in a copse of woods. Abaraxus, the Giant Celestal Star-Nosed Death Mole, appeared before the group, having descended from the sky. The mole approached Umber Stroon and, in return for service, gave information that there is a hidden entrance through the Wasp Wall which surrounds the Ruined Abbey.

Later, the party was attacked by hidden assailants, who were driven off after several volleys of missile fire. Of the unknown adversary, only a clawed, green hand clutching a bow was seen.

The next day, Kanti spied a burning body in a nearby hollow. In the distance, the group heard a bellowing beast! They discoved that the body was the corpse of a familiar elf maiden, Lorem Tirathis. A battering bovine began to consume the corpse, and the party attracted its attention. After a pitched battle in which Glof was nearly slain, the party slew the beast! Chu-Mi extracted its fire glands.

At the end of the session, from the top of a hill, Kanti saw a flash of rainbow light — the wizard Gumpuss! Distantly in the east, they saw the Broken Road, leading north.

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