Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles


Session 19

March 8, 2018

Members of the group returned to the shrine of Saint Hamish to receive various rewards. Most notably, Umber Stroon was hit with whimsey, which turned his skin silver (in coloration, not texture or hardness).

Ned the Elf magically read the runes embedded in Kaerleon, the jade runesword, and identified its powers. He also read the runes on King Grav’s effigy and, as a result, was magically geased to find the Wand of Foobahdoobah, within a year and a day. To aid him on his quest, he now can cast ESP once per day when actively engaged in the quest.

The party battled the demon guardians in the Outer Hall of Temple of the One Who Serves. LaCrosse decapitated a demon in a fountain of yellow ichor just as it was travelling back to its home plane, and Chu-Mi used his charm monster tattoo to enslave the other demon, Mack.

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