Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

Fish Often Play Dead

Session 5

November 2, 2017

The group captured Belissa, the charming fey woman, with a net and forced her to break the charm on Rovanjal in exchange for her freedom. She was supposed to return and tell them something about Daybreaker, but she never did.

The PCs entered the Teráthu camp. The frog-people took no notice until the Rustlers entered the central temple, at which point nine Teráthu followered them in. The idol’s tongue lashed out, and the Glof smote it with a mace. Yushli placed some stinking black moss in his mouth and could telepathically sense what the vocal noises of the frog people were: threatening. Suddenly, the nine frog-people brandished stone knives. The group made haste from the village, but not before Lacross found Lorem hog-tied in one of the yurts.

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