Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

Damage is Damage

Session 31

The group checked out the stairs to the east and west of the spectator chamber when they heard a gentle rapping on the chamber door. Ibzek, a kobold, reported that he was unhappy with how the Greenskins had subdued his lord and master, the black dragon. Ibzek opened the portcullis and the group ascended the stairs, where they found a pitched battle between Realm and the Greenskins.

After Rovanjal’s near death, the party and the Realm won the day. Umber Stroon was given a Wave of Light scroll, and the rest of the group were kitted out with plate mail and shield to prepare for the struggle ahead, as they are going to go back into the Corrupted Temple of Eyes to retrieve the Darklighter. The Realm XO gave the group a platoon of 20 soldiers to assist in the effort.

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