Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

Greenskin Shaman

Session 16

February 8, 2018

Many changes occurred in this session!

The group pressed a belt buckle on a statue several times, and it fired a Whimsey Ray,, turning Umber Stroon into a halfling, Ned into an elf, granting a vision to LaCrosse, and tattooing Chu-Mi with a charm monster spell.

The rest of the session was occupied with defeating the greenskin shaman, who called up an undead giant human from under the cloister. With fire, arrow, and mace, the group defeated their foes with minimal damage. They found several potions, a scroll, and a cursed staff, as well as a collection black opals.

Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

The Ruined Abbey

Session 15

February 1, 2018

The group approached the Ruined Abbey from the east, after having left the duplicitous savage elves in their forest. They set upon a ragtag guard unit of greenskins with arrows and slew them. Finding a fissure on the southwest side of the wasp wall, they entered the complex.

Glof was slain by a vroat, surprised as it leapt from its mushroomy lair. Chu-Mi set many traps outside the abbey, and the group easily dispatched of more greenskins with the incendiary liquid harvested from the battering bovile.

The PCs examined shrines of Lord of Light saints, and ended up camping in the room with the malfunctioning Sea of Tranquility magic mouth.

Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

The Ormsmouth Look

Session 14

January 25, 2018

Travelling into the forest with the savage elves, the group was upon by different tribe of Savage Elves. The new tribe, which has a slight greenish cash to their skin and dress in a similar, but slightly different, fashion as the PC’s guides, claimed that the party’s companions are “evil” elves. A melee ensued, and the competing tribe slew the original elves. The victors offered to accompany the group to the Ruined Abbey to no avail.

Reaching the Wasp Wall which encircles the abbey, the Rustlers walked the circumference and discovered the “secret entrance”: a fissure in the southwest portion of the wall. Gathering back at their eastern arrival point, the group observed a squad of eight large, green, hairy, humanoid soldiers patrolling the wall. The PCs attacked the squad with bows, and eventually defeated them.

Entering the abbey complex via the fissure, the group came upon the outbuildings. The injured Glof, inspecting sulphurous-smelling mushrooms, was slain by a leaping vroat!

Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

Savage Elves

Session 13

January 19, 2018

The group spent the session negotiating the Ranger’s Defile, which the Savage Elves (Veládshik) held to prevent adventurers safe from the threat of the Ruined Abbey. Lacrosse slew one of them, and now is entitled to his three wives (and seven childen) as property.

Chu Mi bested a Savage Elf in single combat. The Veládshik leader, Taric, praised the group’s prowess, and some of the PCs joined in the ritual feast of the corpse of the fallen warrior. Quick-cooking arms and face parts, mostly. Brains.

Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

Two Adamantine Ingots

Session 12

December 27, 2017

The group went on a side adventure through a dryad’s stump. In Faerie, they retrieved her mojo by trading two adamantine ingots to a dark gnome couple, and gained the emnity of a Fae Lord. A faerie dragon, “Crimson”, accompanied the group back to the Sovereign Realm.

Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

Improvised Rabbit Leotard

Session 11

December 21, 2017

The Rustlers camped on a hill in a copse of woods. Abaraxus, the Giant Celestal Star-Nosed Death Mole, appeared before the group, having descended from the sky. The mole approached Umber Stroon and, in return for service, gave information that there is a hidden entrance through the Wasp Wall which surrounds the Ruined Abbey.

Later, the party was attacked by hidden assailants, who were driven off after several volleys of missile fire. Of the unknown adversary, only a clawed, green hand clutching a bow was seen.

The next day, Kanti spied a burning body in a nearby hollow. In the distance, the group heard a bellowing beast! They discoved that the body was the corpse of a familiar elf maiden, Lorem Tirathis. A battering bovine began to consume the corpse, and the party attracted its attention. After a pitched battle in which Glof was nearly slain, the party slew the beast! Chu-Mi extracted its fire glands.

At the end of the session, from the top of a hill, Kanti saw a flash of rainbow light — the wizard Gumpuss! Distantly in the east, they saw the Broken Road, leading north.

Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

Until Our Stones Erode

Session 10

The group, using the bandit Nard as point man and bait, explored Gumpuss’ the Sorcerer’s lair under the gatehouse. They triggered a door trap and falled in the pit. Rovanjal broke open Gumpuss’ chamber door, and the magic-user fired back, wand blazing. Rovanjal delivered a terrific blow with his long sword, and Gumpuss vanished in a two-dimensional door of glittering light.

Glof observed the metallic ooze in a deeper chamber, but the group elects to leave that room unexplored.

Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

Ned the Mighty! Ned the Mighty!

Session 9

December 7, 2017

As the group left Orm northward to the Ruined Abbey, three unpleasant villages in the disheveled huts on the edge of the town offered to join the group. The villagers did not hide the fact they follow the One Who Serves. Rovanjal suspected trouble,and rejected their offer.

After a day’s travel, the adventureres reached the gatehouse on the Broken Road. After a bit of sneaking, the group was nearly defeated by Red-Eye Bandits. Only bandits’ desire to take the Rusters alive prevented three deaths. The bandits poured a foul healing draught down Duma, Rovanjal, and Glof’s throats, saving their lives. Ned rallied and slew two bandits with a dagger, and turned the tide of battle.

Holed up in the the west tower, the group was aware of a secret door.

Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

Kill the Abbot

Session 8

November 30, 2017

Chu-Mi slew Big Brother, a swamp ogre, with a single, sharp strike to the groin! “Mildly epic,” reported Chu-Mi.

The Rustlers chatted with Tlaloc and Consta, who told them that the Abbey has been overrun by Infernal energy. Tlaloc let slip that he was somehow responsible for allowing the Infernals access to the Realm.

The adventurers returned to Orm, where four mounted men-at-arms in blue and white Realm livery share they were passing through the village on their way to join the army rallying near the southwestern city of Diz.

Kawti and Chu-Mi visited the church of the Lord of Light. Chu-Mi discracted Brother Maynard while Kawti attempted to find the “goggles of some repute” of which he had heard tales.

Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

“Oh yes,” Said Ned

Session 7

November 16, 2017

The fey, seeing that their guards had been slain, fled into a secret passage to their lavender bathing grotto. The group explored the Belissa’s lair, where they found not only the Sword of the Dawn and other goodies, but the halfling thief Kanti as well, a prisoner of the fey ladies’ whims.

The group travelled several hours north along the lake and camped in a defensible area.