Infernal Yarns Session Summaries

Session 6, “Do Demons Have Peanut Feet?”

Session 6

This session blurred by in a rush. Shapeshifters, demon feet, an animated statue of Tiamat, sounds of distant battle, and confusion ruled the day.

Nepunith found a few useful books: a book of maps, a history of the Sovereign Realm (1900 – 1960 RY), and a Brief Description of the Planes of Existence.

At the end of the session, the group found themselves trapped in a passageway heading south into the unknown. The door into the temple resisted attempts to open it.

Lacking food and water, the adventurers must brave the unknown dangers of the Underworld.

Infernal Yarns Session Summaries

Session 5, “She’s Gone Rogue”

Gathering their wits after landing on the southern landing of a huge cavern, the group debated their next steps. Meanwhile, Thomasyn left the group to investigate a nearby small waterfall. It fell about 15’ into still pool. Several shiny objects at the bottom caught her attention!

Coming to an agreement, the group investigated the pool. Sassy T stayed in the main chamber, bow at the ready. She obsered a lambent, red glow in the distance lighting and dimming once every (roughly) 666 seconds.

Down by the pool, through various actions the group discovered several coins and a partially-buried wooden chest bound in corroded metal. Extracting the chest from the silt required defeating a giant (well, 6’) electric eel. It was skewered, roasted, and blugeoned to death and only got to use its electricity once. So sad.

The chest contained several more gold and platinum coins of the Realm as well as two (as yet unidentified) pear-shaped leather potion bottles. Removing the deep, purple velvet (not velour) lining revealed a bone scroll case inscribed with Infernal script claiming, in great detail, that the scroll and case were manufactured by the Ack-mee Scroll Company, conveniently located on the plane of Avernus.

Having slain the eel, the party proceeded north toward the red light. They discovered, planted on the rock shore of the Underdark river, a 3’ scarlet crystal housed in a rusty, domed cage. Brahms made quick work of the cage, and proceeded to flake large chunks of crystal off the main piece. The crystal began pulsing blood-red radiance and emitting a regular, recurring ‘ping’ sound — clearly an alarm.

The group heard a gruff, petulant voice coming across the water to the northeast, urging them to “go away”. Not one to take orders, Nepunith commanded the creature to approach, which it did, grudgingly, being under the influence of her warlocky magics.

After a fair amount of witty comic banter, a web spell, red crystal shards being skipped like stones, and a few more miscellaneous displays of the arcane arts, Sassy T persuaded (her ability to appear dragonborn in a cat suit was a factor) “Doctor Lavee” (doctor of acids and corrosives, thank you very much) to stand down.

The party learned that Lavee is a representative of “The Sindicate”, a consortium of devils who operate out of this area. The whole dungeon level, in fact, is populated with guardians and traps, in hopes of keeping out the riff-raff. The Sindicate spread rumors in the city that this area was a demon temple, hoping to scare people away. Clearly this tactic failed.

The good doctor went back to his office to fetch contracts that release him from any responsibility to his employer should the signing party destroy Sindicate property. As long as Sassy T keeps him on the hook, he’s likely to stay with the party.

Infernal Yarns Session Summaries

Session 4, “Frosted and Shafted”

Our little band of adventurers grows with the addition of Brahms, a half-orc with a troubled past, and Tomasyn, a half-drow with a troubled past. Trouble seems to follow adventurers around, doesn’t it?

Two hobgoblins, members of the Legion of the Severed Head who have taken over the local watering hole, Swishy’s barged into Infernal Yarns, demanding to “buy” Sassy’s T’s, um, services. Sassy ignored them, and Nepunith offered them hot cocoa. The confused the legionnaires, who were then easily slain in their befuddled state. If they had lived to tell the tail, perhaps they would have learned a lesson. 

Aunt Saggy, owner of Hags to Riches, a thrift store of more than dubious quality, strode out into the street, taking a shine to newcomer Tomasyn. After turning the corpses invisible, she invited the group into her shop for a little chat. 

One thing led to another, and Tomasyn and Aunt Saggy entered into some kind of blood bond. Nothing bad can ever come of sharing blood with strangers, right? Aunt Saggy, in exchange for a few magic items and the promise of more upon the group’s successful return, hired the PCs to investigate the demon temple underneath the sinkhole. 

After some logistic issues with entering the sinkhole, in which Tomasyn was nearly slain by bloodsucking stirges, the group managed to land on the southern edge of a water-filled cavern. Onward!

Infernal Yarns Session Summaries

Session 3, “Eating Someone is the Best Revenge”


  • hobgoblin fight at beginning of session. PCs easily triumph. Send hobgoblin back to Rizzo with a note to “meet behind Hags to Riches at 7pm with “the goods”.
  • Check in with Aunt Saggy. Trade blood for “magical tracking gems”.
  • Itaxu the lizardman bouncer joins the group as an NPC.
  • Rizzo sends his homunculus in his stead at the appointed time, who convinces the PCs to work for him by exploring the “demon temple” underneath the sinkhole.
Infernal Yarns Session Summaries

Session 2, “Hey Sexay”

Play began on the Street of Tailers, as the groups followed the “whiteys” to the local watering hole, Swishy’s. Following the whiteys into the bar, the group observed them enter a magical fireplace and disappear. Seducing Itaxu, the lizardman bartender, was easy work for the tieflings, who entered the magical fireplace gateway. Rake stealthily followed.

Gaining entrance to the private rooms with the password “Avernus”, the group gained access to a long, scarlet-lit hallway containing dozens of doors with vending machine style coin slots. After tempting Itaxu with promises of future delights, the group was left alone. Between checking the sign-in sheet and Rake’s clever wolflike tracking sense, they determined that the whiteys had gone to Room 23. A series of clever moves followed, which eventually revealed another halfling comedian occupying the room.

To cut to the chase, the group managed to cause the halfling to vanish, allowing them to pilfer his room. They intimidated the whiteys into giving up their bubble gum and a lucky dead mouse. Most importantly, they acquired the Homunculus Box, a device which allows the user to create and control a homunculus for a short time.

Returning to Infernal Yarns, the group collectively experiences unsettling dreams of dark mists, shifting shadows, and an enigmatic message delivered in the comedian’s gruff voice.

Infernal Yarns Session Summaries

Session 1, “Rock Me, Asmodeus”

Play began Puni’s shop, Infernal Yarns. A strange, brown, winged, diminuitive creature rooted around the lowest yarn shelf, making a mess, looking for something. Interrogation of the creature revealed that it serves the “Mirror Man”, a member of a race of beings who inhabit voidships at the edge of chaos, beyond the Aetherian Ocean.

Two dimwitted, human slaves were spotted peering into BOLTS!, a fabric shop run by a wizard, across the street. Upon questioning, they didn’t reveal anything other than their stupidity. Once they were released they headed back up the Street of Tailers. The group followed them.