Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

Two-Shot Horror

Session 36

The group settled the details of their camp. Liss and Xiach-Li went scouting for interesting stones, and Liss fell into a sinkhole! In the sinkhole, she discovered a 2’ tall tunnel leading into the darkness.

Umber Stroon, Xiach-Li, LaCrosse daRud, and Halfron (accompanied by Pinkus) mounted an expedition into the tunnel. It was rough going, as the tunnel was cramped and difficult to navigate. After discovering a tall cavern containing a rope, pulley, and bucket, several PCs fell into the pool at the bottom while trying to traverse the cavern to reach another tunnel opposite the original one.

Once in the tunnel, the group heard diminutive tittering in the distance, encountered a pit trap, and had poisoned blowgun darts fired at them by bright blue beings with big, orange eyes: xvarts (so named for the sound they bark out upon death).

The PCs forged ahead and encountered the xvarts’ lair. Xiach-Li took a few magic missiles from their shaman, Umber Stroon silenced him with divine magic, and the tide of battle of was turned when LaCrosse daRud unleashed Dawnbreaker on the little guys, blinding them. Xiach-Li finished them off with arrows.

Meanwhile, back in camp, 4 giant bats strafed camp. Each bat carried a xvart rider. These riders lobbed flaming pumpkins filled with Westphasia Fire at the wagons! Liss, Erfu, and the soldiers put out the fire with dirt, and sand, but not before the wagons were superficially damaged.

Experience earned by Umber Stroon, Xiach-Li, LaCrosse DaRoad, and Halfron: 210.

Experience earned by Liss, Erfu, and Ned: 50.

Treasures found: Miscellaneous amethysts (110 GP), 1 potion in a squat leather bottle, 1 potion in a small calabash, 2 bottles of fancy Elven hooch (100 GP each), and a 8” cask of sticky, green blowgun poison.

Session Summaries Westphasia Chronicles

Plus Pinkus

Session 35

Play began in Sir Spode’s drawing room in Castle Ulspar, furnished with overstuffed leather chairs, trophy heads on the walls (including a medusa replica), and bay windows looking out on the Field of Crimson Victory.

Many events occurred in this session:

  • Umber Stroon hired Tieran Grey, erudite sage and alchemist.
  • In the Crimson Victory, a tavern near the field of the same name, Halfron met Pinkus, a halfling ne’er-do-well.
  • Erfu attended the shrine of Haldar in Castle Ulspar, where the ranking warrior-priest gave him a stirring pep talk. Erfu could not smash the gold “zombie coin”, so he abandoned it on the side of the road. Pinkus later picked it up.
  • While gathering river pebbles, Liss encountered a strange aquatic humanoid who was looking for girls and called himself “Timmy”.
  • Xyach-Li wrestled several men-at-arms on the training field, and won the support of the young Lord Arvale and his men.
  • Ned and LaCrosse loaded up on candy from a store on the Floating Bridge.
  • The party set out toward the Ruined Abbey and encountered the Black Line Bandits (so named for the vertical black line on the bridge of their noses), who inhabited in a shoddily rebuilt guard tower. The bandits gave the group no trouble.
  • The group and their retinue gathered on the Field of Crimson Victory.
  • Upon reaching the village of Orm, a group of Goldcloaks (militant zealots who follow the Lord of Light) aggressively asked the group the avoid the village.
  • After travelling north on the Broken Road until sundown, the group set up camp.

The retinue consists of the following:
12 men-at-arms, sponsored by Sir Spode
5 men-at-arms, led by child aristocrat Lord Arvale
Tieran Grey, sage and alchemist, in the employ of Umber Stroon
Dunstan, a bard, along for the ride and adventure
1 armorer, sponsored by Sir Spode
1 bowyer-fletcher, sponsored by Sir Spode
1 leatherworker (and bullwhip expert), sponsored by Sir Spode
1 cook, sponsored by Sir Spode